• Build a Raised Garden Bed

    Build a Raised Garden Bed

    Build a raised garden bed from natural rough-cut stone that blends perfectly into the landscape. Using standard tools and a diamond-grit circular saw blade you can build this project in two weekends. Complete instructions here»

  • Stop Invasive Plants

    Stop Invasive Plants

    If you love lilies and black-eyed Susans, but hate the way they're taking over your garden and choking out other plants, here is what you can do. Check it out»

  • Shrub Removal

    Shrub Removal

    A car jack and lever system simplifies the problem of pulling stubborn shrubs and avoids hours of backbreaking digging and chopping. Learn the best way to remove shrubs, roots and all. Learn how»

  • Become a Master Tiler

    Become a Master Tiler

    Tiling is not a job just for the pros. You can learn to lay tile and make it look like a master did the work. These articles will help you take your tiling skills from novice to master. Learn more here»

Featured DIY Home Improvement Projects & Home Repair Guides

Leak Free Flashing

Prevent leaks on outside corners with these two flashing methods.

Cutting Sheet Metal

Make straight, curved and even round cuts in sheet metal with tin snips.

Installing Shingles

Learn techniques to help you install new asphalt shingles on your roof.

Learn everything you wanted to know about roofs »

Keep Moisture Out

Venting an exhaust fan in the attic could cause moisture problems and rot.

Attic Ventilation

Well-ventilated attics make for healthier homes. So, keep the air moving.

Roof Vents

Comparing Flat Roof Vents and Turbines: Is one type better than the other?

Keep home well ventilated »

Finding Roof Leaks

Most roof leaks take only minutes to repair. Finding them is the hard part.

Leak-Proof Skylight

For a leak-proof skylight use a special kit and installation techniques.

Leaking Chimney

Stop inside-the-chimney waterfalls with a proper chimney crown.

Fix leaks throughout your home »

Extension Cord Repair

Follow these simple steps to replace a socket or plug on an extension cord.

Furniture Repair

Learn how to repair nicks, scratches, dings and dents in your wood furniture.

Transmission Fluid

Extend the life of your engine by changing transmission fluid yourself.

Check out our home repair guides »

Replace a Wheel Stud

Tightening lug nuts without a torque wrench can be a recipe for disaster.

Fixing a Compressor

Is your air compressor stalling? Learn how you can fix it yourself and save money.

Faster Painting

A master painter shares tips and techniques from his 30 years of experience.

Check out our home repair guides »

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A Heated Conversation
A Heated Conversation
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What's that smell? What's that burning in my pocket? What the… Don't let this happen to you. Batteries and coins don't mix.

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