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DIY Water Fountain

Build a simple stone and gravel fountain that needs almost no maintenance.

Fix Underground Wire

Learn how to make a splice that will last longer than the electrical wire.

Get Your Serenity Now

Learn how to build this reflecting pond with ground-level boardwalk.

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Best Pet Care Tips

These pet care tips use everyday items you have to make your furry friend happier.

Pet Owner Cleaning

Use the cleaners you already have to quickly clean up pet urine on carpet.

Repair Pet Claw Marks

Mask shallow claw marks and scratches in wood doors with stain and varnish.

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Appliance Repair

Try one of these simple fixes before you call the repair service.

Repair Your Old Grill

Save that old gas grill from the trash and restore it to new condition.

Avoid Fridge Repairs

These six maintenance steps will prevent most refrigerator breakdowns.

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Garage Storage

Create this DIY garage storage system for less than a store bought one.

Bathroom Remodel

Get a new look for your bathroom without busting the budget.

Kitchen Upgrades

A brighter, more user-friendly kitchen is just four weekends away.

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Conserve Energy

Learn the new rules for light bulbs and how to choose the best ones.

Clean a Stinky Fridge

Turn a stinky fridge clean with newspapers and charcoal.

Remove a Stuck Plug

How to remove a stuck cleanout plug to get at a clog in a drain pipe.

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Great Goofs from DIYers

Stained Pride
Stained Pride
Clayton Hoelschen

Staining your deck is an easy project you can do yourself. But take some good advice from a fellow DIYer, be sure to check under your deck before staining.

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alamtest12345 asked this

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