• Best in DIY Project Contest

    Best in DIY Project Contest

    Are you a cut above the rest? Show us what you've got! If we think your masterpiece is the DIY Project of the Year, you'll win $3,000 and a trip to Orlando! Plus, three Reader's Choice winners will get $1,000! You have between now and August 26th to upload your project. Here's how»

  • First Time Homeowner?

    First Time Homeowner?

    Congrats! You're a first time homeowner. Which means, chances are, you're also a first time handyman. Luckily, Lowe's is here to help with tips from plumbing to painting. Visit Lowe's website dedicated just to you. Check it out here! »

  • Build a Deck Privacy Fence

    Build a Deck Privacy Fence

    Convert a deck railing into a handsome privacy screen and block nosy neighbors, unsightly views, wind and noise. It's easy to build and will fit most decks. Check it out»

  • Home Air Cooling Tips

    Home Air Cooling Tips

    Window air conditioners or central air aren't the only way to cool down a hot house. Check out these alternative solutions for making your house more comfortable. Learn how here»

  • Classic Wooden Garden Cart

    Classic Wooden Garden Cart

    This perfectly balanced workhorse rolls up and down hills with ease, for hauling everything from bags of mulch to flats of flowers. Complete how-to instructions here»

Featured DIY Home Improvement Projects & Home Repair Guides

Cut a Drywall Opening

Cut clean, accurate holes in drywall for electrical boxes and lights.

DIY Drywall Repair

When life gives you holes in your drywall, make the repairs yourself.

Build a Drywall Arch

Update entryways with drywall arches to give your home a new look.

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Revive Your Wood Deck

Strip and re-stain your wood deck with a quality stain to make it look new.

Spray on Wood Finish

Learn to finish wood using spray techniques for complex projects.

Revive Your Old Trim

Take a weekend and make your trim look new again by reapplying stain.

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Fix Leaky Copper Pipes

Learn to repair leaks in copper pipe using special repair sleeves.

Solder Copper Pipe

Learn to cut, clean and flux copper pipes for a perfectly soldered joint.

Copper Pipe Repair

Easily splice in a new section of copper pipe with a no-stop coupling.

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Build a Wall Shelf

Build this easy shelf in the morning and stain it in the afternoon.

Build a Basket Stand

A versatile storage stand, made with an amazingly versatile tool.

Build Saw Ponies

When horses are too tall for a job, these saw ponies come in handy.

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Attain a Healthy Lawn

Keep your lawn healthy by proper cutting, watering, fertilizing and aerating.

How to Use a Spreader

Learn to use your spreader effectively and make your lawn more attractive.

Eliminate Lawn Weeds

Learn six strategies for keeping pesky lawn invaders out of your yard.

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