Organize your closets and store everything neatly with this easy-to-build, yet handsome, box system. You can easily customize it to clear up the clutter in your home office too.

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Step 1: Closet organizer planning: Money, materials and tools

A few months ago, I finally got the bug to organize our closets. I got dizzy wading through Web sites and visiting stores. There was a shelf for this, a rack for that... So I put pencil to paper and devised a simpler system that was easy to build, easy to customize and a money-saver besides. I was so happy with it that I used the same system in my home office, too.

Materials for the closet organization system shown cost about $250, and I spent an additional $40 on closet hardware. I used 3/4-in. birch plywood because it’s strong and thick enough to accept screws. It also finishes well, and the simple grain and warm color look good with just about any décor.

A 4 x 8-ft. sheet costs about $45. Here’s a rule of thumb for estimating the plywood you’ll need: One sheet will get you two large boxes or four small boxes, plus some leftover parts. If you don’t have a pickup, have the plywood ripped into roughly 16-in.-wide pieces at the home center and then rip it to 15 in. at home.

Before you start cutting up box parts, check the thickness of your plywood. Most “3/4-in.” plywood is actually 23/32 in. thick, and the measurements given in Figs. B and C are based on that. If your plywood is thicker or thinner, you’ll have to adjust your box part sizes. The measurements given also account for the typical thickness of iron-on edge band.

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